Personal Information Protection Policy

TORICO Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we" and "us") is fully aware of its social mission and complies with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of the rights of the individual and personal information in relation to the protection of all the personal information we handle. In addition, we declare that we will build a personal information protection management system to realize the following policies, and will work on continuous improvement of the system with the entire company, always aware of the latest trends in IT technology, changes in social demands and changes in the business environment.

a) Personal information will be acquired, used and provided only to the extent necessary for the execution of the Company's legitimate business and for the employment and personnel management of employees in the e-commerce business, media digital business, event business, manga publishing business, bookstore management business and food delivery business, and to the extent necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use We will not use personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use. In addition, we will take measures to prevent the use of personal information for purposes other than those stated.

b) We will comply with the laws and regulations, national guidelines and other standards regarding the protection of personal information.

c) To prevent risks such as leakage, loss or damage of personal information, we will take reasonable security measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information, and will continuously improve our personal information security system by allocating management resources that match the actual conditions of the business. In addition, if it is judged that there is a problem with the protection of personal information, we will promptly take corrective measures.

d) Complaints and consultations about the handling of personal information will be dealt with promptly and sincerely in an appropriate manner.

e) The personal information protection management system will be reviewed in a timely and appropriate manner based on changes in the environment surrounding our company, and improvements will be promoted on an ongoing basis.

Enacted July 15, 2020
CEO Takuro Ando

Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of use of personal information handled by us

(1)Purpose of use of personal information obtained in writing directly from the individual (including through the website and e-mail)

Prior to the acquisition, we will clearly indicate in writing to the person in question.

(2)Purpose of use of personal information obtained by methods other than the preceding paragraph

Personal Customer InformationTo manage usage history
To respond to inquiries
Supplier InformationTo confirm the contents of orders (communication records, etc.)
Personal information entrusted
to us by our customers
In order to properly perform the tasks entrusted to us

Dissemination of Matters Concerning Retained Personal Data

With respect to retained personal data held by us, we shall respond to requests for notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of content, cessation of use, deletion, and cessation of provision to third parties from the individual or his/her representative ("Requests for Disclosure, etc.") in accordance with the following procedures.

a) Name of the operator


b) Personal Information Protection Manager

Manager's name:Tomohiro Nakamichi
Department:TORICO Co.,Ltd. administration division

c) Purpose of use of all retained personal data

Personal Customer InformationFor user support
To manage usage history
To introduce our services
To respond to inquiries
Supplier InformationTo confirm the contents of orders (communication records, etc.)
Employee InformationFor human resource management, business management, health and security management of employees
Job applicant information for usTo contact job applicants and manage our recruitment process
Specific Personal InformationFor the purposes of use as defined in the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures of Japan

d) Authorized personal information protection organization

There is currently no accredited personal information protection organization that we are a member of.

e) Procedures for responding to requests for disclosure, etc. of personal data in our possession

1) Contact for Requests for Disclosure, etc.

Requests for disclosure, etc. should be made to the following personal information contact.

2) Procedures for Request for Disclosure, etc.

2.1) After receiving your request, we will send you a "Request for Disclosure, etc. of Personal Data in Custody," a prescribed request form to be used by us.

2.2) Please send the completed request form, a document confirming the identity of the representative, and a postal money order (for notification of the purpose of use and request for disclosure only) to the Personal Information Inquiry Desk below.

2.3) After receiving the request form, we will ask you for information on two items of personal information registered with us that can be used to identify you (e.g., telephone number and date of birth) in order to confirm your identity.

2.4) As a general rule, we will respond to you in writing (by sealed mail).

3) In the case of a request by a representative, documents confirming the identity of the representative

If the person requesting disclosure is a proxy, please enclose documents proving the proxy's identity and documents proving the proxy's identity. Information on the legal domicile must be limited to the prefectures of the country of residence, and all information after that must be blacked out or otherwise treated. All information after that should be blacked out or otherwise blacked out.

  • 3.1) An example of documentation that proves that you are an proxy
  • <In the case of a proxy authorized by the principal to make a request for disclosure, etc.>
  • Original Power of Attorney
  • <When the proxy is a legal representative of a minor>Please provide a copy of either.
  • official copy of the family register
  • Certificate of residence (with a record of relationship))
  • Other official documents that can confirm the right of legal representation
  • <When the proxy is the legal representative of an adult ward>Please provide a copy of either.
  • Certificate of Registered Matters Concerning Guardianship Registration, etc.
  • Other official documents that can confirm the right of legal representation
  • 3.2) Identification of the proxy
  • driver's license
  • passport
  • Health insurance card

4) The fee for a request for notification or disclosure of the purpose of use

1,000 JPY per purchase
(You are required to enclose a money order with the invoice you send us.)

Inquiries about "Personal Information Protection Policy" or
"Complaints about Handling of Retained Personal Data"

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